Thursday, 9 May 2013

Visa approved so we can get cracking!

Ellen has visa! Finally we can write more about our adventure. We are off to Australia via a 3 month backpacking adventure through South America.

Ellen has been waiting 9 months for the Australian consulate here in London to issue her visa, and finally it came through last week.  

It’s been a long slog, the application itself took over 2 months to put together and in the time between first enquiring in January 2012 and applying in September 2012 the waiting time went from 2 months to 9 months!

So we will be in Australia just in time for Christmas with Angel's family - his first in over 10 years.

We now have loads to do – Sell the flat, the car, the Vespa, some crap we don’t want to take with us, book the shipping of our stuff and the transportation of our beloved cat Bob to Angel’s parents (she has gone through all the medical tests/injections she needs…poor thing). 

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