Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stuff we're taking

Some of our stuff
After much research (you will find Angel will do this. A lot) Angel has bought a backpack. It is a Berghaus JalanII 60+10. He didn't want something too big as he had done 4 months in Europe with a 75+20 bag and it was too big and he had too much stuff in it (including a sleeping bag he used once!), so this time it was to be smaller and lighter - there are no metal frames in this one.

Ellen has her backpack, it came from the US, annoyingly the company added more postage (they did contact me to be fair) and then we had to pay import tax, but as it is a model not available in the UK it was worth it. It is a perfect pack for a few weeks travel.
Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack is the model and it was only US$99 + about $50 delivery. It is a great bag, and it fits within the flight carry-on specifications (for the airlines we checked anyway).  What's more it cannot hold more than 46 litres so there is no temptation to take too much.

Technology-wise we have a small cheap laptop: an Asus Eee X101, just something to skype/email/transfer photos and a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V which so far has been pretty damn amazing (so much so Ellen's brother bought one - the only downfall is the pop up flash). We will also have an iPhone 4. Casio G-shock watch. Adaptors and chargers, the usual.

Clothing wise we have (we have really tried not to be sponsored by North Face, but we ended up going to a Sale in Bluewater and got some great stuff.)

North Face Tri-Climate jacket - original one, no longer on sale.
Merrell Hiking shoes
T-shirts x 5
Shorts x 3
Swim shorts
Socks x 6 pairs
Pants x 5 pairs
Travel towel
North Face trousers (legs zip off)

Jack Wolfskin Jacket
North Face fleece
North Face hiking boots
North face walking sandals
Soft flat pumps
T-shirts x 6
Shorts x 3
Swimming costume 
Socks x 6 pairs
Pants x 7 pairs
Travel towel
North Face trousers
Bras x 2
Dress x 1 (for going out)

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