Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Welcome to Argentina (Iguassu & Rosario)

If you thought the pictures from the Brazillian side of the falls looked great - the Argentinian side was just breathtaking. You could actually walk on top of the falls (ok,on a platform built over the falls, not actually walking ON the falls). Ellen asked how they maintained the pathway, Angel really didn't want to know.
We spent a day doing an organised tour taking us from our hostel over the border to Argentina and then a guide of the falls, it was hot but the spray from the falls soon cooled us down. We saw loads of turtles, catfish, guinea pigs and even a caiman.
Just amazing:
Iguassu Falls - Argentinian side
Our next stop was Rosario.
The bus journey was meant to be 16 hours, but here in South America things take longer than expected, or quoted. Angel is learning to deal with this, ever the project manager and time-stickler.
So this bus journey from Port Iguassu in Argentina to Rosario took 21 hours. (Mental note: add at least an hour for every 5 you are quoted). The journey itself was great, the buses are fantastic - think business class space on a flight. Reclining seats, foot rests and even food.
We arrived in Rosario, Argentina after 2 weeks in Brazil. First observation; it's a hell of a lot cheaper here, second observation; there is less money here.
We caught a 20 min cab from the bus station to our hostel (£5) which is right downtown, not too far from anything - river, shopping, bars, bakery. It's called Che Pampas. Very basic but cheap and cheerful (awful breakfast though, tomorrow we'll be going to the bakery!)
Che Guevara monument, Rosario

There is not a lot to do here in Rosario, the most famous person to ever come from here is Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and we were very disappointed to learn there is no museum to him here, just a sign outside the apartment block he was born in, a very basic mural in a city park and a statue in another park.
We did loads of walking - well after 21 hours of sitting it is all you want to do - and over our 2 days here practically covered the majority of the city by foot.
We did go to the post office and sent some postcards, probably the last time we will as it cost £10 to send 5 -  so if you are able to read this blog, you will not get a postcard from Argentina!
Today we found a cafe after 7 hours of walking we sat, for 4 hours, drank 2 lattes. 2 carafe's of wine (red, of course) a massive plate of toastadas (toasted sandwiches) and a large bowl of chips - all for £15!
Welcome to Argentina!

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